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MSG Services
402 Banner Avenue
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"I am 65 years old and have never seen this kind of service.  I purchased your product on Saturday, made the 800 call on Monday and received the missing piece on Thursday.  Now that is service and I had to do no arguing.  Am very satisfied with your product.  Keep up the good work." 
Clyde C.


MSG Services overall mission is to reduce product returns to the retailer by providing friendly and accurate information to customer questions, and fast turnaround on parts shipments.  This results in enhancing overall customer satisfaction with the retailer and vendor brand by having a dedicated customer service organization focused on this role.


About MSG Services


MSG Services has been in business for over 25 years, providing call center, product fulfillment, consolidation, logistical import and warehouse services for vendors and retailers, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Mennards, and many others.


The current owners, Terry Cleary and Warren Sweeney, have over 60 years of customer service and home center experience.


MSG Services – Fast Facts


  • Customer service reps are trained on all aspects of your product line
  • Samples of products are on site in the training room for hands on use by our reps
  • Owner’s manuals are accessible on each rep’s computer for easy reference along with call notes specific to that product
  • Capability to have 69 incoming phone lines
  • Hold times are minimized by having various reps trained in multiple product lines
  • 80% of incoming calls are answered in less than 30 seconds
  • Parts are shipped out within 24 hours of receipt of parts order
  • Parts are shipped via UPS, Fed Ex, US Postal or LTL pallets based on the most cost effective method.  Currently shipping to all 50 states and Canada.
  • Parts are kept in inventory for a period of time after the retailer has dropped the item to maintain coverage for warranty and out of warranty requests
  • Parts are shipped at no charge when requested during the “Warranty” time frame.
  • Parts are sold directly to the customer and monies are rebated back to the vendor when parts are sold “Out of Warranty”.
  • Every call is recorded in the ACD phone system with “Call Issue” and “Call Resolution” data recorded
  • Early detection of possible defects in the product, packaging or owner’s manuals can be quickly communicated back to the vendor.